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About The Business Bitcoinization Blog 

Josh Friedeman started Business Bitcoinization as a podcast in May of 2022. 

The idea for the show was to share how business owners were using Bitcoin in their businesses - especially so that others could gain inspiration and do the same.

As the show grew, Josh realized that the platform needed to expand to reach more people. Written content is easily shared and a powerful medium, so the blog was born.

If you are a Bitcoiner or just find that this content stretches your mind in a healthy way, please enjoy and share the content to spread the word!

About the Editor (and Primary Author)

Josh Friedeman has been a Bitcoiner since 2021. While many have the misfortune of buying "altcoins" in hopes of making millions (only to find themselves holding the bags of insiders and institutions), Josh was fortunate enough to run across Bitcoin-only educators first. 

The more he learned, the more he wanted to contribute. He had hosted a podcast since 2019 (Life as Leadership). He knew the podcasting landscape, but there were already hundreds (thousands?) of Bitcoin-related podcasts out there.

Josh wanted to add signal rather than noise.

He noticed that few people were talking about how business owners were using Bitcoin. With that in mind, he launched The Business Bitcoinization Show, the first show (to Josh's knowledge) focused specifically on how to use Bitcoin for business growth.

While his efforts increasingly focus on Bitcoin, Josh's day job consists of coaching and consulting business owners to help them grow their businesses - particularly in the areas of leaders, sales, and marketing. 

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